eBidding is an electronic bidding tool that allows suppliers to submit their bid proposal online, which is time and cost savings compared to usual negotiation. The tool also enables buyers to advertise an e-bidding event online to reach suppliers from across the country. With all bidding activities updated in real time online, the system provides a fair, transparent and competitive environment for suppliers.

Streamline your purchases

Track, monitor, and manage in real-time
Easy monitoring and auditing of branches

Accessible to bidding informations

Detail information on an e-bidding event such as advertisement date, supply or service requirements, budget, estimated cost as well as the date, time and duration will be made available for all registered suppliers and for your own reference.

Bidding activities updated in real time

Real-time updates on the number of participating suppliers, their position and bids are made visible to both suppliers and buyers during a bidding session through Session Report. This will give suppliers the opportunity to improve the competitiveness of their price.

Detail Summary Report

A Summary Report which outlines all relevant information on the participating bidders, their position and bid will be generated immediately once the bidding session ended. This allows buyers to easily compare bids made by suppliers and quickly narrow their choices.

reimagine procurement

SPEED (Sistem Perolehan Elektronik Dinamik) is a comprehensive electronic procurement system that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs.