All the Benefits You Need to Effectively Managing Your Business Spend

Greater spend visibility and control with features that allows you to track and manage every purchase with ease.

Standardised the workflows in the procurement process, thereby ensures compliance with your organisation’s policies and regulations.

Paperless submission of documents helps ease and speed up the review and approval process, while also reduces data inaccuracies.

Eliminates information asymmetries and improves collaboration across internal departments.

Helps you in decision-making by keeping all relevant information and documents neatly organised, time-stamped and easily accessible.

Accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices, allowing your team to get things done anywhere at anytime.

Divers Pool of Suppliers

Identify the right supplier from from a diverse pool of suppliers from across Malaysia. The complete profile of all registered suppliers including their ratings are readily available in SPEED database to allow you to conduct market research on supplier availability and make informed decisions.

Easy-to-Use Digital Product Catalogues

The digital product catalogue provides you with complete and accurate data on the products or services offered by suppliers.
You can easily search for your preferred goods and services, and compared the prices offered by the various suppliers.

Analytics Report

The user’s dashboard provides you with a wealth of information about your organisation’s procurement activities, allowing you to effectively track, monitor and analyse every purchase in real time. 

Simple Steps to Advertise Sourcing Events Online

The system provides a platform where buyers can advertise a sourcing event-bidding, tender, or quotation-online to reach a large pool of suppliers.
All registered suppliers under Supplier2u will gain access to the detail information on the sourcing events.
This helps prevent miscommunications and ensures that suppliers get prompt and accurate information directly from buyers.

reimagine procurement

SPEED (Sistem Perolehan Elektronik Dinamik) is a comprehensive electronic procurement system that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs.