Connecting suppliers to procuring organisations

Supplier2u is an online marketplace that gathers suppliers and service providers from across Malaysia as part of the SPEED supplier community.

Integrated with SPEED

Increase your chance to gain tender opportunities from a wide range of organisations


Be part of a growing business community and give your business a boost with an affordable fee

Powerful catalogue management tool

Update your product catalogue with ease in a matter of minutes

Fast search tool

Potential buyers are able to search for preferred suppliers and products (and/or services) based on relevance to keyword

The system’s core features include Supplier Registration, Marketplace Registration and Catalogue Management.
Supplier Registration enables suppliers to be listed under various marketing categories with one-off registration.
Catalogue Management allows suppliers to provide detail information on their products or services and perform regular updates quickly and easily at zero cost.

reimagine procurement

SPEED (Sistem Perolehan Elektronik Dinamik) is a comprehensive electronic procurement system that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs.