A comprehensive tender notification system

Tender2u gathers, filters and notifies you on the latest tender opportunities offered by various organisations from both public and private sectors across Malaysia

Daily notifications

Ensures that you get notified via email on all relevant tenders daily

Convenient and accurate

Filters out irrelevant tenders based on your business profile

Vast opportunities

Over 162,000 tender opportunities with a value between RM500,000 to RM500,000,000


Stay ahead of your competitors with a very affordable fee

Customised Tender Notification

The system provides you with daily notifications on relevant tenders from various organisations including the Government based on your preferences

Provide vast opportunities

The system gathers tender notices from a vast array of organisations from across Malaysia in a single platform.

reimagine procurement

SPEED (Sistem Perolehan Elektronik Dinamik) is a comprehensive electronic procurement system that can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs.